Why do we charge up front? 

If there's one thing people dislike, it's the unknown. The unknown represents a risk, and contrary to popular belief, we believe entrepreneurs and small-business owners are risk-averse. For this reason we have upfront fixed pricing for a specific scope of work. Rather than valuing projects based on how long they take us, we price them based on the value we deliver to the client.

For certain projects we are willing to do 50% up front and 50% when we deliver the product or service. Please contact us for any clarification you may need. 


How much should I spend on marketing?

We recommend re-investing 15%-18% of your sales into marketing. 

So if you think you’ll make $100,000 on the sales of your goods or services in a year, then plan on spending a minimum of around $15,000 on marketing.


Why don’t you have a phone number?

To keep our prices low, we handle everything over email instead of paying staff to answer lengthy phone calls all day.  

We have done this for years and it has worked VERY well. 


Why does PPC require a setup fee?

The reason why we require this set-up payment is because building and maintaining/optimizing an Adwords campaign are two separate processes.

Building out the initial campaigns, ad sets, ads, and keywords is a very lengthy and time consuming project. A set-up fee is common practice at all PPC agencies. 


Why don’t we show our past work?

Unlike most large agencies who love bragging about their clients, we make sure all our clients info, campaigns, and results are kept private. 

Not everyone wants to have their business' marketing strategies be public knowledge. We have a strict confidentiality policy and will not share your work or results without explicitly asking your permission. 


When do you gather info about my business and goals? 

During checkout, we have forms that will gather all the info we need to get started.

If we have other questions, we will reach out via email.