5 Marketing Tips to Grow Your Following on Instagram

Getting a large following on Instagram will give you instant access to some of the savviest and most loyal fans on all of social media. This is a goal that you should be doing everything in your power to reach as soon as possible. The following 5 tips will help you get started on gaining and growing your following on Instagram.

1. Take Advantage of the Available Free Tools on Instagram

One of the best ways to gain followers in a hurry is to take advantage of the many free tools that are provided by Instagram for this very purpose. Instagram now enables you to create your own official business profile. You can customize your profile with a special “Contact" feature. This is basically a huge call to action that allows your users to contact you directly through calling, texting, or email.

The new series of business profiles on Instagram will give you access to analytics. You can find these by referring to the new Insights function. By using this new function, you will have instant access to all of the relevant impression and engagement data you need to chart trends and preferences.

2. Convert Your Personal Instagram Profile into a Business Profile

Following on from the first step, it's an excellent idea to convert your personal Instagram profile into an official business profile. The sooner you do this, the sooner you can begin to fully capitalize on your presence on this major social media network.

By converting your personal Instagram profile into a business profile, you will be qualified to take advantage of all of the new features that are available solely for business accounts. Doing so will give you a strategic understanding of just how your followers are interacting with the content you post on your Instagram account.

The more knowledge you have in this direction, the more accurately you can make the necessary adjustments to further improve the quality of this interaction. This is news that every business owner on Instagram can most certainly take advantage of.

3. Cross Promote Your Instagram Posts with Posts from Other Networks

You'd be crazy to only have an Instagram profile and nothing else on any of the other major social media network sites, such as Twitter, Facebook, and the like. If you regularly post content from your profiles on these other pages, you can cross promote to Instagram by bringing some of that content to your business profile.

This is a great way to ensure that you never run out of interesting and engaging content to post. If you don't feel like creating something brand new for your Instagram account, you can reach into your bag of previous posts and export something interesting from Facebook.

Never assume that, once you post something on Twitter, that every person who follows your various accounts will see it. The truth of the matter is that most people don't have the time or patience to follow all of the major social media networks all at once. Posting something from one of your other social media pages is a great way to reach someone on Instagram who has never seen that particular bit of content before.

4. Be Sure to Interact as Often as Possible With Your Followers

One of the most important things you can do on Instagram or any other major social media network account is to interact with your followers. For example, if someone leaves a really great comment on one of your posts, make sure you log in to leave them a personal "thank you." This is a great way to let your followers know that you really do create and monitor the posts on your business account.

Let your followers know that there really is someone fully human at the other end of the account. This way, they won't hesitate to leave more comments, questions, and other bits of communication on your posts. It's a great way to build a following on Instagram or any other social media network account.

For example, if you add a "Tag 3 of your friends who would love this" to one of your posts, you can start a chain reaction that could bring dozens, or even hundreds, of new followers to your account. It's a great way to build up a following with minimal effort and zero expense.

5. You Can Create a Significant Media Presence on Instagram

Don't overwhelm your audience with heavy handed content. It's all right to relax a little here and there with a few posts that are a bit outside the box of your normal content. Make an observance of the holiday season with some light hearted gift giving tips or similar nonsense. Entertain your readers with a few jokes here and there.

Your posts can still contain your logo or other branding marks but this can be a subtle part of your presentation. The point is to give your viewers a relaxed reminder of your presence by giving them a little something new and different without the selling point being stated so blatantly.

Creating a presence on Instagram is a great way to keep yourself fresh in the minds of your followers. You can use this approach to reinforce their loyalty without bombarding them over the head in an all too obvious manner.

These tips should help you maximize your efforts on Instagram. It's up to you to do everything you can to create and maintain engagement with your followers, but sometimes we all just need a little help. Following these 5 steps will be the start of this process. Contact us to start increasing your presence on Instagram and managing your social media accounts.