How to Market Your Brand on Instagram in 2018

Instagram is one of the hottest social media platforms on the planet. While traffic on Facebook is gradually decreasing, the platform is enjoying a massive surge in users. 

In this guide, we are going to talk about strategies you can use to make your Instagram boom! 

 Social Media Is About Content And Community

Instagram is a mobile content sharing community. Because of this, you will need to consistently produce content that resonates with your audience, has share triggers built into them, and has hashtags that are relevant to your brand. 

To build a strong community, you must first have a strong account brand. 

What Is An Brand?

Your brand is the message, tonality, and personality you display to your social media followers. 

Your message is determined by the type of content you publish and the stories they tell. The tonality is how the message strikes the audience (uplifting, inspirational, reflective are all words that could describe a brand tone). Personality is the personal or communal touch that you uniquely bring to the account. Unlike message and tone, personality can never be emulated.

Your account brand will set the foundations for why an Instagram user will follow you. If you are not compelling, you will not be followed. 

How To Leverage Your Account Brand To Get Noticed

Using mobile apps and tools like Typorama, create high-quality images that portray your brand in a positive light. 

Schedule themed posts around content that is impactful to your target audience. It will lead to better engagement on your posts. 

To get ideas as to what content you should create, watch your competition. What images and short videos do they post? 

How do their followers react? Pay attention to posts that get more likes, comments, and views than others. 

Create a list of topics and themes that resonate with your audience. 

Recreate the themes that you discovered within your own posts. 

Do you competitors post highly engaging images of vegan food recipes? Emulate that formula. 

Remember: Never copy posts or steal content from other accounts. Recreate themes in your own words and style! Add extra information and tips that are relevant to your audience. 

Post 5-7 times per week in order to maximize the reach your account gets. 

How To Use Hashtags To Get Discovered Organically

Hashtags are an organizational and tagging tool that the platform uses to discover new content. A post can contain up to 30 hashtags in a post. 

To research these hashtags, type in a broad keyword related to your account in the search bar. You will see several highly related hashtags appear in the fields underneath the search bar. These hashtags are more specific to sub-niches and therefore will give you access to that type of audience. 

Example: You run a vegan cooking account. When you type in "vegan food" in the search bar, you will see:

•     "veganfoodshare"
•     "veganfoodideas"
•     "veganfoodpics"
•     "veganfoodtruck"
•     "veganfoodtravel"

Using hashtags that are relevant to a sub-niche you are in will get you better engagement per post. 

Avoid Using Automation To Grow Your Account

There are services that will automatically like posts, follow users, and leave strange, unrelated comments on posts. Instagress, a service that was shut down last year, is one such example. 

Some bots automate the process of engaging with followers. However, it was against the terms of service. A lawsuit was filed and many of these companies were shut down. 

Automated accounts leave a poor impression of your brand on new followers. 

Your comments left by automation will be cold and robotic. 

If you value your followers, never subject them to the work of an automated service!

Warning! Never Buy Likes Or Instagram Followers

If you are currently buying followers or likes, stop! Don't buy likes. This is against the terms of service and will get your account shut down. 

Don't buy followers either. Doing so will make your account useless. Purchased followers never engage with your content and will never buy anything from you. It's the quickest way to ruin an account. 

Are You Prepared To Grow Your Account In 2018?

By developing quality content, using relevant hashtags, and posting content frequently, you can grow your following and build a brand! Building a brand will allow you to attract higher quality customers, get more sales, and increase your revenue. SNOB Marketing has proven time and time again that we can help clients achieve goals through the quality content we build. 

Cameron Kinney